The Ghosts of Giza

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The ''Great'' Pyramids of The Giza Complex (Egypt) (more appropriately known as The Pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure and Giza) also form with The Great Sphinx to give an outstanding view of Ancient Egypt at the height of it's power. It is easy to image the complex structures and society that once inhabited The Region, 3 to 5,000 years prior. It is also easy to image that the surrounding land is haunted. With many stories and tales some of which are obvious ''tourist tales'', (2) rise to the level of Classic. The first is Howard Carter, famed English Explorer who located the fame Tomb of Tutankhamen (''King Tut''). Most associated with the mythical ''Curse of The Pharaohs'' in which when Carter and His Crew penetrated The Tomb, via breaking it's ''Seal'', they passed over an inscribed Curse. In short, the curse called down death upon all who disturbed The Kings buried past that point.

While much had been researched into The ''Pharaoh's Curse'' over the years (since Carter's death in 1939), some of which can be explained scientifically and quite logically it seems Carter's Spirit is immune to such explanations. A person, looking very much as Howard Carter (including his early 20th Century dress), is seen on occasion. He had been seen (out of the corner of an eye), watching groups wander The Pyramid Complex Site, as well as his excavation site near The Valley of The Kings. He is apparently ''trapped'' in spectral form to wander The Sites, forever as punishment for his transgressions. Another ''Haunt'' and somewhat more ''spectacular'' is that of the Spirit of an unidentified Ancient Pharaoh, inside a ''firey Chariot, drown by horses of flame as well). This Apparition is seen flying from The Pyramid Complex, high above ''riding'' towards The Valley of The Kings, many miles away. Seen only at night ''He'' may also be a ''Spectral Messenger'' carrying messages from Giza to The Valley (or as is told by Local inhabitants).