The Ghosts of Ethie Castle

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Located in Angus, Scotland Ethie Castle is a 14th Century AD non-defensive structure, once used by Benedictine Monks. Later rebuilt into a proper Scottish ''Manor Home'' by Scottish Nobility, almost immediately bad luck arrived. Cardinal David Beaton was said to have been murdered there. A Family Member also served as Vice-Admiral to Lord Nelson during The Napoleonic Wars (being killed in action, His body never recovered from The Sea). Finally, a Daughter of The Family died tragically in childbirth. In short, great misery seems to ''haunt'' Ethie Castle. It still apparently does according to some. Although under another Families control and renovated to it's current state, reports of The ''Gray Lady'' are common. She is thought to be the poor Lass who died in childbirth. She wanders The Halls, searching for Her ''child'' (who according to legend, did survive). The Cardinal is said to be seen, wandering through The Castle as if ''searching'' for something (perhaps His Killer ). The Vice-Admiral was seen in the 19th Century, staring out the window of ''His'' favorite Library/Study. He has not been so since the 1960s.