The Ghosts of Duelist Alley

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Charleston, South Carolina (US) is a City of quaint colonialism to this day. Much of this American Town has changed little since the 19th and 19th Centuries. It is a mecca for tourists for this very reason. It is also one of The United States more haunted locations, with plenty of Ghost Stories and haunted locations. One such is Duelist Alley. Dating to 1776, the alley was built to connect homes well offset from the main street. It was (then) somewhat secluded – which is why it would become popular later among those who wished to settle their differences with a test of ''Manhood'' – with pistol or rather the Duel. It seems that the traditional ''21 Paces'' (the steps each Duelist needed to traverse before turning and discharging their weapon) fits perfectly into the length of the alley – without need for exact measurements. Many ''fought their last'' in the Alley, with one in particular in 1783. A newly established young Doctor, was well known for His love of poetry and His habit of whistling. He also was known for the love He had for a young and beautiful girl who lived in one of the homes at the far end of the Alley. However, another had His ''eyes'' on the girl. This suitor decided to attack the general honor of the Doctor, by accusing Him of having an affair Actress!

Fearing His love would believe this rumor, He hunted down the source (the rival). He challenged Him to a very public duel in the Alley. He may have been a good Doctor, but a lousy shot, for He would die later of His injuries. Since then, many say they ''hear'' the faint whistling of someone ''passing thru'' the Alley as well as occasionally even ''seeing'' a ''Man in old colonial clothes walking down the Alley''. Where some do wear period costumes on certain occasions for tourism, such a ''sighting'' could be explained that way.......of course. Other Duels were fought until the late 1820s, when the activity became very illegal. Some say other ''victims'' have been seen (or heard) in the Alley. Many state that it is nothing but a quaint local tourist tale, but still.....One never knows.