The Ghosts of Cliveden Mansion

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 The Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania was fought in 1777 and was one of the bloodiest engagements of The American revolutionary War. Patriot and British Forces battle lines swayed to and fro, leaving hundreds dead in their wake. Cliveden House (also known as Cliveden Mansion in later years) was built and owned by Benjamin Chew in 1767. A Lawyer, Chew was an instrumental part in the future US Constitution. Chew and his Family did not want to leave their beautiful home, despite the fact that a large British Force was moving towards them. ''Forcibly removed'' by order of His friend and Commander-in-Chief General George Washington, soon Cliveden was steeped in a battle.

Literally fighting on his front lawn, both side's errant bullets and occasional cannon shot peppered the walls. After the conflict, hundreds from both sides were treated on the very grass in front of The Chew Home that they had bleed on. Many were taken inside, using the interiors as a makeshift Hospital. Although Chew never returned, a series of subsequent Owners took over Cliveden over the years until it feel into State custody in 1961. Restored to a Museum, thousands visit it yearly. It goes without saying just why Cliveden is haunted. Guides of The Mansion cite ''Cold Spots, groans and spectral figures''. Others cite ''Orbs'' seen floating over the Front Lawn on occasion. Still others ''swear'' they have seen Revolutionary War soldiers (albeit a fleeting glance), wandering the front lawn as well.