The Ghosts of Black Diamond Cemetery

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Located in King County, Washington State (US) – Black Diamond Cemetery is one of the oldest in The State. Dating to 1884, it's primary purpose was to serve thr many Mining Communities that dotted the Region. Many immigrants made their way from all over the Country to make their fortune in The ''Land of Opportunity''. It was very much opposite. Many of Black Diamond's ''Residents'' were victims of the equally numerous Mine collapses. In addition, no less than (3) sizable explosions (1902, 1910 and 1915), claimed many and left many more buried (still) in the dark recesses of Mines that blew due to negligence. To add more tragedy, The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 was harsh in the Region as well. Hundreds fell prey to not only that ''population killer'', but the added ''plagues'' of Cholera, Smallpox and Measles. In short, over 1,500 (known) people ''rest'' in Black Diamond. It still has ''room'', although not many recent interments take place. A National Historic Registered location, it is well maintained for this reason. But there is another.

Black Diamond is one of the most haunted in Washington State. While no set legend or even pattern has ever been established, many (including Paranormal Investigators) cite a very ''active'' location. The sound of hushed whispers and voice (almost hollow), the sounds of work carts and the horses that pulled them generations ago – are commonly experienced – both day and night. Also, strange mist or smoke (again regardless of hours), can be seen on occasion, moving thru the Cemetery. While this can be an easily explained weather phenomenon, one can also wonder the opposite. Orbs, ghostly figures – all have also been recorded by photo and film. No great evil presence or malevolence is felt. But it may be a ''super highway'' (of sorts), for the many (MANY) lost and confused Spectres and Haunts which still remain within Black Diamond Cemetery.