The Ghostly Treasure of Captain Kidd

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Captain William Kidd. Once a ''Hero'' of England and then later a ''Cutthroat'' with a Warrant on His head. Kidd is perhaps one of the best known of Piracy's ''Golden Age''. Part Philosopher and Part Sociopath, He and His Crews cut a wide swath from The Caribbean up The Coast of The United States in the 17th Century. Kidd went down in History not for His many tales of debauchery and swashbuckling, but for His treasure. Much of Kidd's ''loot'' has never been recovered. Kidd made sure that most of His ''hauls'' were well placed and secured. In today's finances – perhaps Billions in USD would be the final tally. That is assuming IF you were lucky enough to find and then IF you lived. You see, Captain Kidd put a curse on His treasures – or at least that is His Legend.

People have searched for generations in hope of finding just a small portion of Kidd's treasure. Which brings us to the year 1825 and Ellis Island, New York – known better as ''Liberty Island'', the site of the World renown Statute of Liberty. In those days, it was an excellent place to bury anything. Kidd was known to operate up and down The American Coast. Two soldiers from nearby Fort Hamilton claimed to have a map which showed the location of one of Kidd's stashes. Finding the location they dug. Their shovels hit paydirt – a large chest. They opened the ancient box and beheld jewels and gold enough to change their lives forever. But just as quickly as opening the chest – so too did appear the frightful image of a Demon Pirate – the Ghost of Captain Kidd! He warned that ''No One Will Get My Gold!''

After some days, a Party from The Fort went to locate the soldiers. They found them both. One was dead, with no signs of any wound or injury. The other soldier sat nearby, insane. Both of the men's hair was ''shock white''. Perhaps a ''twice told tale'' and early Urban Legend, but Ellis Island is a declared National Landmark, and as such one cannot go digging But to be sure, someone, somewhere will no doubt find one of Kidd's hidden chests....and woe be unto them IF they OPEN it!