The Ghostly Pirates of White Point Garden

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

White Point Garden is a beautiful small island cove, nestled between historic Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor (South Carolina). Dense with foliage of different species, many come to behold the true wonder and beauty of nature. But White Point Garden is linked to history – not by being next to where The American Civil War started in 1861, but what happened in 1718. It's past deals with the infamous Pirate Stede Bonnet. He and His Crew (finally captured), were taken to The Point (which a large Gallows built), and executed by hanging. And as was fashion in those days, most were left to rot to bones, as a warning to those who may take to Piracy as a way of life. But, since – (and many other Pirates were executed thereafter) – some claim that the Spirits of those unfortunates still haunt The Point. Ghostly ''voices'' crying in the night (perhaps lamenting their pending execution), Orbs of spectral light zipping over the island and most unnerving, ''seeing'' what appears to be ghostly ''faces'' peering from the brush and trees.