The Ghost Planes of England

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Derbyshire is a quaint and sleepy part of The English Countryside. But even in a ''laid back'' Region, strange things can happen. Witness the story of The ''Ghost Planes''. Could a Paranormal vortex be present in the skies over Derbyshire (known locally as The ''Bermuda Triangle of England''). The reported activity is still quite active, if One wishes to ''hear''. England hosts massive amount of Fighters, Bombers and related support Aircraft on it's shores during World War II. IT was not an uncommon sight for One to see and hear all manner of Aircraft flying at any time of the day or night. Many small Villages and Town were close to rural Airfields, built to support The US Presence and equipment. Derbyshire was no different. Late in The War, (2) rather horrific crashes of Military Transports occurred. In both cases, loss of life was complete, with very little wreckage being found due to the totality of the crash. The causes for each crash was also equally strange. No bad weather and no mechanical issues were known to have been responsible. Perhaps it was simply Pilot Error. However since 1945, MANY such accidents have been reported over Derbyshire skies. These ''crashes'' are from small private aircraft. Such ''accidents'' are again not uncommon. But why do they seem to happen only over or near Derbyshire. This takes us to the reports of The ''Ghost Planes''. ''Heard'' and ''Seen'' (in some cases) since the 1950s, locals state that the sounds of ''large engine Transports'' can we ''heard'' but not seen. The ''noise'' sounds very close the ground. In some cases, the unmistakable sounds of a ''crash'' are heard in The Woods and surrounding fields. Of course, when investigated, no wreckage or smoke is found. Echoes of The Past, perhaps. In other reports, Residents have reported even seeing ''1940s Era'' Planes flying over Derbyshire. In some cases, these ''Planes'' appear ''solid'' and in others ''transparent'' as if they are ''not really there''. In 2018, a ''solid'' looking Transport Plane with US Military Markings, ''appeared to crash'' into a field North of Derbyshire. Even ''smoke'' was seen in this case. When Emergency Response arrived, no evidence of a crash could be found. Although reports did state the smell of ''smoke'' was detected. It should be noted that the areas was ''where'' one of the 1945 Transport crashes happened. So strange, that The Royal Air Force lists the air over Derbyshire as a ''DFZ'' (Dangerous Fly Zone). It may be due to the abundance of civilian air traffic that causes such a warning to be needed. It may also be due to The ''Ghost Planes'' of Derbyshire.