The Ghost of The Unknown Sailor

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Surrey, England has a local Tale concerning an Unknown Sailor – and resulting Ghost Story, dating to the 1780s. According to The Legend, a Sailor from a ported Ship went to Town to drink and enjoy His Leave. An ''Alley Thief'' followed Him and attacked – cutting His throat. The thief stole His victim's clothing and money and began to enjoy His ''loot''. However, several other Shipmates of the victim recognized the clothing, and upon finding out that the Man wearing the clothes was not Him. Arrested and tried for murder, unfortunately – The Ship sailed with no one left behind for The Trial. The Suspect was gibbeted and the poor victim was buried – without a name! The Ship never returned to Surry (possibly having sunk with all hands lost). It was said that for many years, a ''shivering, naked Man'' could be seen wandering the back alleyways. The practice developed of locals – once a year, leaving a Boat Cloak (overcoat) on the grave of The Unknown Sailor, so His Ghost could be warmed. The practice was discontinued after the 1950s.