The Ghost of Stow Lake

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park was modeled after New York City's Central Park. It is one of the most visited Parks of it's kind in The United States. Constructed began in 1871. It features many themed Gardens. One such is located around a man-made lake called Stow Lake. Picturesque and quiet, it is also the site of a famous 100-year old Ghost Story. In 1908, a Mother took Her daughter to The Park and Stow Lake. Losing track of Her child, The Mother crossed The Lake's Bridge and saw to Her horror, Her Child drowning in The Lake. The Mother dove in but both She and Her Child drowned. Another variation of the myth is that ''She'' was an unwed Mother, who drowned Herself rather than revealing Her shame to Her family. From that point forward, there have been reports of a ''gaunt, female in dirty White dress'' wandering throughout The park, in particular around Stow Lake. She ''seems'' to be ''searching for something''. Her Spirit is said to still be seen within The Park, especially around Stow Lake even today.