The Ghost of Simmons House

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Charleston, South Carolina (US), is a well known location to experience an America ''frozen'' in both the 18th and 19th Centuries. It's older quarters still have beautifully restored mansions and homes which have seen events from The American Revolution to the start of it's Civil War. It is a popular tourist spot for visitors from all over The World. It is also perhaps one of America's most haunted of Cities. Every house it seems has it's own ''Ghost Story'' or Legend. The Simmons House of 37 Meeting Street is no different. Dating to 1760, the quaint Georgian style mansion even had a river access to Charleston Harbor. This would well serve a certain unknown Pirate. It seems, as a means of hiding His stolen loot, He buried it in the rear yard of The Simmons House. Our unknown Buccaneer never (it seems), returned for His treasure (killed no doubt). But then the strangeness started. From the 1840s forward, it is claimed by numerous Owners and Guests, that anything of great value (Gold, Jewelry etc). Goes ''missing''. If it is properly secured, it is safe, if not – it is gone. Naturally, any servants would be questioned. However, the punishment for stealing in that Era was far worse that the risk of success at taking something. Burglary? It was not a common thing either. A Legend began to arise that it was the Spirit of our wayward Sailor, still plying His vocation. In fact, some say that they have ''seen'' the ''figure of a large Man, arms crossed over His chest – as if guarding His loot''. A 1970s Paranormal Investigation found that ''something is present in the mansion'' – but it is unclear of ''who or what'' it is. Many have tried to find the elusive treasure, but no one has been successful. In shirt, should you ever visit The Simmons House on 37 Meeting Street, LEAVE your valuables behind.