The Ghost of Neidpath Castle

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 Built overlooking The River Tweed in Scotland, Neidpath is not structurally sound and in places is rubble. It was built around 1263 AD by Simon Fraser, who was The High Sheriff of The Region. The Castle passed via marriage to many subsequent families. During The English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell's Forces assaulted Neidpath Castle, which at least locally was said to be a ''long and bloody siege''. Rebuilt in 1685, it would be vacated in the 1840s and left abandoned although it is still considered the hereditary property of The Earl of Wemyss. The ''Lonely Lass'' Tale comes from 1800. The Castle was occupied by The Duke of Queensbury, William Douglas and His family. His eldest daughter fell in love with a Man ''beneath Her station'', and was forbidden to marry. To ensure no elopement, The Duke had a false charge placed on the young man, and he was taken away. Years would pass, and the young Lass refused to dress properly or even eat well. She in fact was ''wasted away''.

More years pass, and The Duke died. The young Lover came back To Neidpath after his false imprisonment only to find a shriveled and haggard woman, who he no longer found beautiful. He ran away, only to break her heart yet another final and fatal time. She was rumored to have put one her once beautiful gown selected for their wedding, now faded and moth eaten. Climbing to the top of The Castle, she flung herself off, down and to her crushing death. Her vision is said to be seen on some nights, either climbing the stairs to the Castle top to relive and redo, for all eternity, her sad act.