The Ghost of Lafitte's Pirate Bar

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 Jean Lafitte...Pirate King and Legend of The Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th Century. As we have discussed, Jean's life was as much legend as it was fact. His name is still a focal point in The State of Louisiana even is the many Ghost Stories and hauntings said to be attributed to not only His exploits, but others associated with Him. A small and rustic Public drinking house exists today in New Orleans that is a haven for tourists and apparently Spirits. The building has obviously been ''decorated'' and renovated to resemble something out of the film ''Pirates of The Caribbean'' – for sure. But it's foundations and some items inside are original and near 200 years old. The Saloon has always been a mecca for scalywags and miscreants coming from the City's Harbor and Docks. It was a well known ''Pirate Bar'' even in 1811...when our Tale starts.

It was said said Lafitte Himself (at one time) may have even owned The Bar (although no real proof of this exists). At any rate, it was a ''spot'' for seafarers so it would not be to big a stretch to imagine He a or His Crew drinking and carrying on inside. At least one young man did...and paid a high price for it. The youth wished to be a Pirate it seems, and tried hard to join one of Jean's many Crews. For some reason He was not taken seriously. But the Boy did try, and as such – came up with a plan to impress His potential ''employer''. He would orchestrate a very daring theft. A local Lass (possibly coming from a wealthy Planter), was known to shop during the day, often wearing many pieces of fine and expensive jewelry. So the youth robbed the girl in public, making sure all saw Him and even more – by evading capture by The Police, simply knew His exploits would draw the attention of Lafitte. He later (at night), went to the Bar, boasting of His deed and showing the diamond necklace He had snatched.

A Man approached the youth and asked if He had in fact really done the deed (or perhaps either brought the stolen goods). Proudly, the Boy admitted to the deed. Within seconds, the Man pulled out a Gully Knife and split the errant youth from ''gut to throat''. The dying youth stumbled thru the Bar looking for help. Whereas this was a ''Pirate Bar'', this was not the place for such sympathy. He died in the bar and His body disposed of. It appears that the Lass was not the daughter of a wealthy planter, but the wife of one of Lafitte's Captains. Apparently the Boy got some of His be known by Jean Lafitte (indirectly). Since that time, many other murders and crimes have happened in what would be known as Lafitte's Bar, but none seemed to make the overall impression of The Youth. It is very common to experience a ''moving cold spot'' which moves from (what is claimed) where the youth was stabbed to where He finally fell and died. Glasses and bottle are said to fall without cause and one more that one occasion, Employee's have caught a ''glimpse'' of a ''Man in 19th Century clothing stumbling thru The Bar''. Tourist hype to bring in customers? Perhaps, it has been done before...or is it the Spirit of the errant youth, trapped in The Bar for all eternity and forced to ''relive'' His agonizing death? Go to Lafitte's Bar in New Orleans and see for yourself!