The Ghost of La Popular

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Hysteria or reality Or could both apply to the rather odd story of The La Popular Wedding Store. Located in Chihuahua's Capital Chihuahua (Mexico), The Store has been in existence since 1930. Regionally it is ''the place'' for young and hopeful Brides to find their ''one of a kind'' dress for that ''special day''. La Popular is also ''home'' to several ''Ghost Stories'' one of which is that which concerns a Mannequin. Her name is said to be '' Pascualita''. She stands posed in the Front Display window, always sporting the latest Bridal fashion. A Cab Stand is located across the street from the store. Cabbies often wait on the road for their fare calls. Cabbies for years have ''sworn'' that Pascualita ''moves'', changing Her position. No one is in the store overnight. If fact some workers state that Her poses are in fact different from the way She is ''left''. Her story is that She was once a young girl who was to marry a Man who was by chance a Cabbie. Although the manner of her demise is unknown (other than in the take it was tragic and before She could wed). So distraught over losing the ''love of His life'', Our Romeo had Her embalmed. He secreted Her corpse into a Mannequin Model (sealed inside). He sold The ''Doll'' to The store under the strict provision that She only be used to display wedding dresses. Perhaps this is why she is only 'seen'' by Cabbies. The story garnered so much attention, that the store reportedly moved The Doll into storage.