The Ghost of Kate Morgan

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 One of the few ''Ghost Stories'' with MUCH background Kate Morgan is something of a ''fixture'' at The Hotel del Coronado, in Coronado, California. Built in 1888 The Hotel is a massive and opulent example of late 19th Century elegance which still is in operation today. Kate story is one of oddness and murder mystery which is still debated today. Kate was born in Iowa (US) in 1864. Her Mother died when She was just 2 years, and Her Father took Her to live with His Mother and Father. Father promptly vanished from the scene leaving Kate to be raised only by Her Grandparents. Kate grew up and married, she became pregnant and gave birth. Sadly Her child would died just 2 days later. This no doubt put strain of Her relationship. With little surviving reason, Kate ''ran off'' with another Man (1890).

No records exists of Kate for nearly 2 years. When She surfaced in 1892, it was reported She appeared ''ill and quite pale'' further, her ''mood was given to be melancholy''. She checked into the very opulent Coronado Hotel in November of 1892. Kate was seen always dressing in Black and very sullen. On the 29th day of that same Month, a loud pistol shot was heard on the 2nd Floor stairwell landing. Staff found Kate laying there, a pistol in Her hand and a self0inflicted gunshot would to Her head! Naturally, Police recorded the incident a ''suicide''. Kate was buried in a nearby Cemetery. However, nearly a Century later, Kate is still ''seen'' wandering the 2nd Floor and other parts of The Hotel, quite satisfied with either being seen or felt (Guests report being ''touched'' and feeling ''Cold Spots''). Kate is apparently not malicious.

The regularity of Kate's ''visits'' prompted some Investigators in The Paranormal to ''dig deeper'' into Her Case. And while the ''open and shut'' nature of The Case by then Police, was closed on account of it being a uncontested suicide, evidence seems to have been somewhat ignored. The most telling of which was the caliber of Pistol found with Kate, did not match the wound (or bullet) in Her Head! This prompted some to think Kate was actually murdered! Perhaps Her first Husband, maybe the Second maybe someone altogether unknown. Labeled a suicide, perhaps this is why Kate remains at The Coronado Hotel. Perhaps She waits for proof that She was murdered and not thus shamed with the taint of taking Her own Life. Kate is still a ''marketed feature'' of The Coronado, who uses Her story as a gimmick (which is a sad state). Several Paranormal Investigations have been conducted over the years, with Kate being the most active.