The Ghost of Grancer Harrison

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

A Ghost Story from Kinston, Alabama (US), it involves a local 19th Century Plantation Owner named Grancer Harrison. Although a Slave Owner who dealt with Cotton Production, by all accounts He was not a ''cruel person''. In fact, Grancer was a bit of a ''party animal''. He loved to dance and celebrate, with His ''parties'' so well known, people would travel for hundreds of miles to attend often 3 to 5 day gatherings of ''good food, dance and music''. Grancer enjoyed it so much that He built a large Dance Hall next to His Plantation. Soon (it seemed), that dances were held ''almost'' every day. And then Grancer died (1860). Buried in a large above ground tomb, it was said that He was buried in His ''favorite dance clothes and shoes'', as well as ''plenty of money'' to finance dances in The Afterlife. In time, The Dance Hall would go to ruin (Grancer had no Wife or Family). But for many generations, people reported the ghostly sounds of ''music and celebration'' coming from the site of Grancer's Hall. In fact, His tomb even ''vibrated'' as if ''music was coming from inside''. Some even reported ''seeing'' a ''form of a Man, dancing merrily around His tomb''. The lure of money however was too great for some. In the 1960s, vandals hacked into Grancer's Tomb for the Gold. Nothing was found, and the angered vandals strewed Grancer's bones to and fro. Although His remains were recovered (minus one of His legs), and His Tomb repaired, apparently Grancer (missing a leg), ''dances no more''.