The Ghost of Chillingham Castle

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Located in Northumberland, England Chillingham Castle was built on the site of a 12th Century AD Monastery. It was razed to build the Fortification in the 14th Century. Several Noble Families owned Chillingham over the centuries. It is said that King Edward stayed at the Castle on His way to make war on Scotland. A true defensive Medieval structure, several Scottish Armies attacked Chillingham. Said to be one of England's more ''active'' Paranormal Castles, Chillingham obviously has a rather dark History as was evidenced during a renovation in the 1980s. According to Castle Lore, the Spirit of what is known locally as ''The Blue Boy'' (named for His particular ''glow'' when seen) haunts The Castle. Not threatening, this Spirit moves things and is experienced as the classic ''Cold Spot''. Some say former Owners also walk the Hallways. While all of this is good ''fun'', during work in 1980 a second of interior wall was demolished, only to reveal the rather grisly site of a Male Skeleton and that of a ''young Boy'' (10 to 12 years old). It is unclear how the bones came to be entombed inside the wall. However, documents dating to 1588 AD were also found with the remains. Since removed, claims of ''The Blue Boy'' have lessened.