The Ghost of Blackbeard

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Ocracoke Inlet.....a small waterway that feeds into The North Carolina Coast from The Atlantic. Peaceful by today's standards, The Inlet is better known locally by it's more infamous name...Teach Hole. Still not ringing a bell? ''Teach'' was the given name of one of Piracy's most infamous and well known Buccaneers – ''Blackbeard''. The Carolina Coast was His and His Ship's haven after raids, with stories of unfound millions in treasure still being sought. But Teach Hole is better known for being the ''spot'' where, in 1718 – Blackbeard met His end in a heated battle. As His ''legend'' states, He was ''shot, pierced and hacked'' so many times, that any other ''Man'' would have long died. Blackbeard however kept fighting – thus adding another of His well known nicknames ''The Demon of The Seas''. Legend states that His Head was hacked off and tied to the Bowspirit of His Vanquisher's Vessel (the Bounty was on ''His Head'', hence). But His body was dumped into The Inlet as the tale is told – ''eaten'' by sealife or washed into the awaiting sea.....maybe! For many Centuries, it has been reported that ''strange lights'' dancing under the waters of The Inlet are in fact, The ''Ghost'' of Blackbeard. The ''light'' darts to and fro, as if ''searching for something''. Some even say they have heard (on the winds) a ghostly voice crying ''WHERE'S MY HEAD?'' Now science will state that the ''light'' is nothing more than naturally occurring light from plankton reacting to tidal movements.....Perhaps.....