The Ghost of Birkwood Foley

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, a ''Foley'' Castle was a mock construct popular in the late 18th Century AD (and forward) which simulated traditional Medieval structures such as Castles. Birkwood is such a structure, located in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Although built in the mid-17th Century, it was completely restored in 1858. The Castle would much later be converted into a Hunting Lodge and Inn for wealthy travelers, mostly from England. The most well known ''Ghost Story'' involving Birkwood, centers around an early 20th Century Gentleman who got into a heated argument with another Guest. The actual reason for the fight is not known, but one of The Gentlemen felt vindicated by winning it. He sat in a Parlor of The Castle, sipping brandy and smoking His cigar. He was found the next morning with a knife plunged through His throat! His ''adversary'' had a plausible alibi and as such the murder was never solved. Since then, Guest have reported the acrid smell of a Cigar not only in The Parlor, but throughout Birkwood. ''Cold Spots'' are common and often items move and come up missing. Investigated by Paranormal Experts many times, Birkwood is considered an actual ''haunted'' Castle.