The Ft. Drum Encounter

  • Extraterrestrial Abductions and Evidence
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By Crusader1307

Known locally (to New York State, America) – as The ''Ft. Drum Encounter'', this report originates in June of 2012. Fort Drum is an extreme upstate US Army Training Facility (noted for it's Mountain Warfare School). But around 10:30 PM on the year and month in question, MANY upstate Residents saw something which cannot be explained (and still haven't). In addition to the many ''views'' some were able to photograph what can only be described as ''a Craft''. Roughly 2,000-feet in altitude (roughly figured), the Craft appeared in a clear sky. It had a ''glowing and silvery'' color and resembled a ''Pie Plate with a cylindrical extension on it's undercarriage''. The Objects was said to be ''turning at a high rate of speed''. But despite it's rotations, The Object was ''moving forward at a relatively slow speed''. Appearing to even hover at times, The Craft slowly rose higher into the sky until any light that was was emitted seemed to ''blend into the few stars that were visible''. The Sightings were reported not only to a National UFO Reporting Agency, but The US Military was also advised. The Whole affair did make local (and State) Newspapers, but as for ''official response'' from The US Government – IT WASN'T THEIRS!