The Florida ''Chevron''

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By Crusader1307

Reported to have been seen by hundreds of persons in the night skies of The American State of Florida in April of 2013, the aptly name ''Florida Chevron'' was a phenomenon over Pine Pine Key (Southern Florida. As reported, The Object (which resembled a ''Flying Wing'' (Chevron) was said to have been ''hundreds of feet'' in length (wing tip to wing tip). The ''craft'' also seemed to be ''cloaked'' or concealed to resemble an ''unusual cloud''. But unlike most atmospheric phenomenon of this class, the ''cloud'' seemed to be ''controlled''. Some reported a brief ''blinking series of white lights'' along the ''bottom of The Craft'' (others not). But perhaps the oddest part of the encounter? Most stated that a ''fissure'' or ''rip'' opened up in the sky – as a ''doorway''. The ''Chevron'' simply moved forward into the ''opening'' and vanished ''inside'' A ''dimensional craft'' of some kind? Perhaps what was witnessed was a ''Stargate'' which serves as a ''highway to The Stars'' for Extraterrestrial Visitors?