The Fire Elemental

  • Simply Weird
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By Crusader1307

 While the oft discussed ''Pareidolia'' is the ''probable'' cause of this Case – the rather strange sight of a ''Giant Humanoid'' not only seen, but filmed during a volcanic eruption of Calbuco in Chile, South America in 2015. The ''Being'' is seen by some as an ''Elemental''. As we have seen, these were purported Gods and Demi-Gods from Antiquity, that oversaw Man, and manifested themselves through ''natural'' occurrences – such as rain, fire, snow and a host of other now easily explained phenomenon. When Calbuco erupted – sending a cloud of ash and smoke over the Region for days, many were able to photograph a strange sight. Rather than a traditional ejection pillar of debris from the volcano, a ''shape'' began to form. Quite distinctly, legs and arms as well as head and torso clearly began to take shape. Further more bizarre was that (for some), ''Red glowing eyes'' appeared and The ''Form'' appeared to be actually ''moving'' as if walking thru the smoke! While one person photographing such a sight would be left to the Researcher's ability to deduce that they ''saw what they wanted to see'', as many as 10 others, each unrelated to one another and using different forms of cameras and equipment, filmed the same ''effect'' from different angles and locations. Those less inclined to believe that the ''shape'' was an Ancient ''Volcano God'' cited that the ''image'' was a ''sign of God's protection''. The phenomenon had since Not happened again......yet.