The Faerie Knight

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

The Tale of The Faerie Knight is – like Mallory's ''Le Morte'' closely associated with traditional Medieval English Legend and is thus considered by Scholars as part of The ''Matter of Britain''. Although the tale is linked to The Arthurian Legend, it can be linked to other Medieval English Myths and Sagas. These tales were designed to instill a sense of courage and honor and most of all – establish how a Man was supposed to behave (all again closely linked to the issue of The ''Code of Chivalry'') The exact origins of The Faerie Knight (even in Arthur's time), is obscure. He is seen as a ''construct'' of Merlin The Magician by some. I part his ''supernatural'' nature may well have been linked to the spiritual manifestation of King Arthur's ''power'' (sans ''Excalibur''). Other later (non-Mallory) accounts cite that The Faerie Knight was actually the lost Grandson of King Arthur and as such – the true Successor to Camelot (and England's King). This is debated due to the lack of Excalibur in most mentions. His genesis is also linked to a half-Faerie Mother and Human Father (not Arthur). He had magical powers and abilities – the most important of which was invisibility. The Faerie Knight is also siad to be the half-Brother of the infamous ''Black Knight''.