The Evil Hour

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Based on several ''Legends'' meshed into various ''Tales'', The ''Evil Hour'' – or La Mala Hora, is an Urban Legend (of sorts), in it's ''original'' Hispanic version – Mala Hora is the Spirit of a jilted (scorned) Lover (normally a woman), who committed suicide. Her Ghost is said to haunt only crossroads (multiple road conversions). When a ''faithless'' Lover (Man) crosses Her ''domain'' – she appears as a very attractive young woman, eager and willing to have an affair. Should the ''faithless'' Man concede, Mala Hora will kiss them – sucking their lifeforce from their very being )and leaving a dried husk behind). It is a cautionary tale. In the American Northwest (New Mexico), ''La Mala Hora'' is somewhat different. Although the same ''context'', ''She'' appears as a ''Black Orb'' of spinning ''energy''. ''She'' (if seen) will suck the life (soul) from the viewer. She is also know to ''reside'' within deep woods and stands of trees....waiting for Her target. She ''senses'' a ''corrupted'' Soul (or cheating Lover). She ''strikes'' usually between the hours of 12 midnight and 1AM.....