The ''Eternal Funeral''

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By Crusader1307

On July 23, 1885 – Ulysses Grant passed away. The former one term US President was best remembered for His command of The Union army of The Potomac which brought The American Civil War to an end in 1865. Lauded and praised, Grant was not a good businessman and squandered much of His personal finances. But well loved, He was offered a quaint small cottage on The Hudson in Upstate New York to live (where He did for the last 6-weeks of life). Dying there, a Memorial was formed which attracted many admirers. Hundreds of flower arrangements were placed inside the cottage. In time, The cottage would become a shrine of sorts – still visited today. But the really strange component of one's visit is not to view where the former President died – but to ''see'' His Funeral flowers – which STILL exist, still viable well after 100 plus years. But How? The flower arrangements (quite intricate in fact), still bear much of their original color (and in some cases, visitors to the location can even SMELL a fragrance). The flowers (having been examined many times), appear to have a fine coating of what some state is a ''waxy like compound'' – but this has never been truly proven. WHOEVER and HOWEVER they were ''prepared'' is still question. Inside The Museum, The Flowers are kept inside a ''controlled environment'', where lighting and temperature is well controlled. They have begun to ''fade'' a bit, but are still in ''excellent shape''.