The ''Eliza Battle''

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Known as The ''Eliza Battle'', She was one of the most luxurious Steamboat Paddlewheels used on The US Mississippi River. Launched in 1852, ''Eliza Battle'' conveyed cargo and passengers. At over 300-tons displaced, the massive Vessel even hosted US President Millard Filmore on a trip. On March 1, 1858, on an estuary of The ''Mighty Miss'' known as The Tombigbee River (outside Mobile, Alabama) ''The Eliza Battle'' was transporting Her usual fare of passengers. Carrying an unusual amount of Cotton (baled), which due to the volume was tied to the Upper Decks, an spark fell into the cargo. The rapid ignition of Cotton soon engulfed the decks of The ''Eliza Battle'', despite Her crew's efforts. Sounding Her steam whistle, The Ship tried to steer into the riverbank. The speed in which She burnt was awesome. Those that could escape, did so by grabbing floating Cotton Bales floating in the freezing water. Over 88 passengers died in the tragedy. Since the 1850s, people along The River say that on a cold winter's night, One can still ''hear'' The ''Eliza Battle's'' steam whistle ''moaning'' as if ''in the distance''. Some also say that the very image (fleeting as it is), of The Ship can still be experienced floating down The River, still looking for ''help''.