The Eleusinian Mysteries

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By Crusader1307

To this date – not fully understood, the enigma known as The ''Eleusinian Mysteries'' date to around 650 BC and early Ancient Greece. Said to be a ''Secretive Religious Order'' dedicating Followers to The Goddess Demeter. Secretive in fact, few document exist and even fewer ''testimonies'' from that Era. But The ''Mysteries'' were practiced and focused on achieving a position of advantage in the perceived Afterlife. In addition to providing great wealth to The Temple Priests for The Cult – which meant that only the Nobility Class could participate. It was also alluded to that Followers psychedelic chemicals by which to ''commune with The Goddess''. Although carried over in a much lessor fashion into Ancient Roman Culture, it was thought that The Mysteries by this time, ''showed the secrets of The Gods'' to those who could ''fathom'' their power (again thru the induction of various herbal drugs). A more accessible Festival was performed for those Followers who followed The Cult of The Goddess, but were not Members of the ''Inner Circle''. This was yearly, in accordance with Her Feast Day.