The Dweller in The Gulf

  • The World of Lovecraft
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By Crusader1307

A Lovecraftian Contemporary Horror Writer, Clark Smith's 1932s ''Dweller in The Gulf'' was s Short Story which helped establish The ''Cthulhu Universe'' of Horror. The ''Dweller'' was an Entity from Mars. Worshiped as a Deity by a Race of blind Martians known as Aihai The Dweller can be summoned by the physical touching (Stroking) of it's fashioned Idol. A soft semi-formless Creature, Dweller has no eyes and it is assumed that ''It'' used vibrations to trap it's prey. Using whip-liked tails on it's body Dweller uses these to pluck out the eye of it's prey. It injects a liquid which makes victim ''It's'' slave.