The Drinking Statue of New Delhi

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By Crusader1307

 Paranormal Activity or rational explanation, The Statue of The Hindu God ''Ganesha'' is a common feature for many who practice The Hindu Religious System. Many statues made of stone can be found in fields and outside of Homes. However, one statute of the Elephantine appearing ''God'' apparently is able to consume it's offerings of Milk, literally. While the placing of food and drink offering at statuary is a common practice with many Religions, it is assumed that The ''Gods'' do not actually ''consume'' such libations. It is well known that they take their ''nourishment'' from the food and drinks ''energy''. Fresh food and drink is regularly replaced as such. That is until this particular statue began to ''drink'' Milk Offerings made to it.

At a Temple outside of New Delhi, India a simple and unassuming stone statue to Ganesha stands. It's curved trunk is positioned over a stone bowl, into which was poured a Milk Offering. One day in 1995, a member of The Faithful went to pour fresh Milk, only to find that the bowl was completely empty. It had not evaporated. At first many thought perhaps a bird or other animal could have taken this. Even a Guard was placed near The Statue. Over a 12-hour period, the Milk had indeed slowly been ''ingested'' by the statute. This of course caused a panic. The requests for Milk literally rose to such heights that imports from England reached over 25,000 Units. Everyone who followed The Ganesha Cult all over The World brought Milk. However, Science applied a more rational explanation. Citing ''Capillary Action'', by which a liquid substance is slowly absorbed through porous substances=- regardless of such substances being perceived as such. Various stones are commonly cited as being able to produce such an effect. Certain wood and even Metals can ''absorb'' fluids. This was the ''rational'' explanation'' offered. The Faithful of course, have their own reasoning........................