The Devil's Tramping Ground

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By Crusader1307

Bear Creek in Chatham, North Carolina (US) is a small confluence which runs thru a tangle of woods and glens. One may even say it is a tranquil piece of American ''Old World'' Countryside, which often attracts Campers and Hikers to the Area. That is for a section of the land known locally as ''The Devil's Tramping Ground''. Why the rather ominous name? Simple. The ''Ground'' is a 40-foot in diameter patch of dirt which is bordered by otherwise green and growing plant life. Nothing has (or will) grow in the diameter of earth, seen as a perfect circle. Legends, going back as far as 1822 – state that ''Old Scratch'' Himself (The Devil), occasionally ''comes'' to the spot and walks in a circle – as in rapt concentration as He invents more ways to torment Humanity. Legend also states that animals shun the spot and if one is brave enough to ''leave'' any object ''inside the circle'', it will disappear. Soil sample show no unusual properties. Locals also state that in October, terrible ''shrieks'' can be heard in the woods near The ''Tramping Grounds'' as well as ''glowing red eyes'' often seen. Perhaps ''The Grounds'' are simply a form of Tourist Attraction, but One is still encouraged to summon enough courage up to spend the night in The ''Devil's Tramping Ground''.