The Devil's Toybox

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

  While just about everyone has experienced a ''Haunted House'' attraction during Halloween Season, most are harmless fun. ''Guests'' often traverse a series of themed rooms with Actors dressed as various Haunts and Demons, popping out of the enforced darkness for a quick scare. But in 2014, one such Haunted House caused such a stir, that it's ''effects'' are still unexplained. In The Town of Alexandria, Louisiana – a local businessman built a rustic ''Swamp Cabin'' – along with several other themed structures, for a Halloween scare. But the cabin was decorated rather oddly. The entire interior is made of mirror. The floor, walls and roof are all reflective. In a flashing strobe light, one could very well become disoriented. But few thought the cabin could drive one insane. After only a few hours of operation, Guests ran screaming from the cabin. Many stated that the very room ''made them see things'' – best described as from the ''bowels of Hell''. One local Man was up to the challenge it seems, and stayed inside the cabin for 30-minutes. He was taken out, white haired and unable to talk. He still hasn't. So pervasive and creepy was this effect, that the businessman closed His attraction, but never demolished the cabin – which still stands in the Alexandria woods. Locals now call it.....''The Devil's Toybox''.

One theory is that (unknown to most), the land was used by local Voodoo Priests for hundreds of years to conjure various Demons. The Earth is thus so saturated with evil that the installation of mirrors (and the resulting ''Mirror Magic'') conjured up what people experienced. Of course, we can easily attribute the ''effect'' to the very real phenomenon of induced seizures which can be brought about by bright and flashing lighting (which has been medically documented as well). The rest is chalked up to best!