The Devil's Footprints

  • The Paranormal World
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By Crusader1307

An unusual phenomenon, case of ''mass hysteria'' or even ''Supernatural'' manifestation The ''Devil's Footprints'' were a series of hoof prints that covered a roughly straight line for between 60 and 100-miles. While perhaps not all that ''unusual'' The Prints went up outside walls, fences roofs even pipes. No one in any inhabited structures along ''the route'' claimed to have ''heard or seen'' anything suspicious. Happening in 1855 in both East and South Devon, The Incident was reported in The London Gazette (including an illustration). While appearing to be perhaps a horse, the prints were reported unshod (no shoes). This and the fact that horses do not generally ''walk up walls and roofs'', cause most to believe that these were actually the hoof prints of The Devil Himself. Two theories were put forth as late as the 1950s. One, that the entirety of the Incident was a cleverly orchestrated hoax. However, the extent of distance of the tracks, coupled with not being seen by anyone (and strangers would have been noticed), are often cited causes. The other, a well known local Inventor was known to be working on a Balloon Platform,. Possibly breaking free from it's moorings the dragging chains (ground level) the entire ''route'' However even this is seen as dubious.