The Devil Whale

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By Crusader1307

The Legend of a ''Devil Whale'' Creature is as timeless as both Seamanship and Sailing. The mythos was especially popular during The Age of Exploration (15th Century AD), when more and more Countries set forth upon ''unknown Seas'' in search of the ''truth'' of a ''Flat Earth''. While the truth shape of Our Planet was made known, many of these Mariners had never seen the many strange and never before seen Sea Life they encountered. The Devil Whale was said to be any Whale that had reached an epic proportion. This could be several hundred feet by hundreds of tons. While the depths of The Oceans hold many secrets, perhaps such Whales are common. However at ''surface depths'' such ''Monsters'' would be uncommon. In addition to their reputed size, ''Devil Whales'' were given (in Sailor Tales), almost ''Human'' or rather ''Demonic'' personification. As such these ''Beasts'' thought (and hunted) as ''Humans''. With the first reported Devil Whale recorded as early as the 5th Century AD, The myth (or reality) of The Devil Whale began. It is also linked to the Western Biblical association of ''Leviathan'' (sometimes linked to The Sea Serpent origin). Perhaps the most ''famous'' telling of the Devil Whale Legend is that of American Novelist Herman Melville's 1851 Book ''Moby Dick''.