The Demon of Brownsville Road

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

In a tale similar to the infamous ''Amityville Horror'', The Crammer Family of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US) suburb, would experience what they called a ''Demon''. The Crammers moved into their modest 2-story ''Dream Home'' in 1988. The Family of Mother, Father, (3) Boys and (1) Girl. The Family did not have a particular religious background. Almost immediately, they experienced strange incidents of water taps suddenly turning on by themselves and windows opening an closing - also without ''human cause''. Items would come up missing and often The Family ''felt'' that ''something'' was ''watching them''. Soon the activity began to become more serious. Strange and foul smelling ''fluid'' would be found splattered on various walls. When later tested, Human cells were found present. Next, Family Members would awake in the morning with severe scratch marks all over their bodies. Then came the ''bite marks''. As stated, The Family was not particularly religious, but sought out the help of a local Catholic Bishop. The Family placed Crosses on the walls of The Home and even placed Rosary Beads on Door Handles. In the morning, some of The Crosses were ''bent or broken in half''. This would continue until a 3 year exorcism of The House was conducted. By 2013, The Family would report that they had stopped experiencing and Paranormal Activities. A check of land records found no unusual incidents and the cause of the ''attacks'' are still unknown.