The Curse of Tippecanoe

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By Crusader1307

 A long running ''Curse Story'' in American History, is that of ''The Curse of Tippecanoe'' (aka ''Tecumseh's Curse). The curse was ''placed'' on every US President since The Administration of William Henry Harrison forward in increments of 20 years. Those President's that fall into this ''cycle'' have all met with death or nearly have, in Office. The ''pattern'' was first discovered in 1931. And while most assign it to pure coincidence ''something'' can still be said for the ''pattern''. When Harrison was an Army Officer, He negotiated the infamous ''Treaty of Fort Wayne'' (1809) which robbed local Shawnee Tribes. This led to what was known as ''Tecumseh's War'' which pitted The Shawnee (and several other affiliated Tribes) against The US Government and it's Army. A short but bloody affair, ended in The Battle of Tippecanoe (of which Harrison fought). Legend states that Tecumseh was killed in battle and His body mutilated. It was His Brother who cursed Harrison (who probably did not do the deed, but His name was known to The Shawnee as a Chief and therefore responsible, as would all following ''Chiefs'').

When Harrison was elected President in 1840, He would die 1 year later of Typhoid. Lincoln was next when elected in 1860. He would be assassinated in 1865. Garfield was to follow, being elected in 1880. He would be assassinated in 1881. Going forward to 1900 and President McKinley He would be assassinated in 1901.Warren Hardin was elected next in 1920, but would die from a heart attack in 1923. And Franklin Roosevelt, on his last Term of 1940, would die from a brain hemorrhage in 1945. The next ''cursed'' was John Kennedy in 1960, He was assassinated in 1963. See the pattern Reagan and later George W. Bush would both survive assassination attempts (in 1980 an 2000 respectively). And while most Skeptics decry The Curse, One must still wonder..........