The Coney Island Monster

  • Cryptids
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Coney Island, New York. A place of ''play and enjoyment'' of The beach for hundreds of years. For generations, Residents of New York City (and New Jersey), flocked to the Beach in summer to frolic and relax from the hustle of ''City Life''. At least that was until the Summer of 1880 when ''something else'' decided to ''frolic'' as well. The ''Thing'' that was seen, was ''flying several hundred feet above the water''. Hundreds saw it. It was described as ''mostly Human looking, but with large Bat Wings and the legs of a Frog''. As the wings flapped, a loud ''sound could be heard''. Most here fascinated, still more terrified. Dubbed The ''Coney Island Monster'' The Creature flew off into the distance. Never to be seen again (in New York), The Creature was reported flying over Kentucky (and later Missouri). London, England also reported a similar ''encounter''. Many Historians allude to The ''Monster'' as being a probable advertising stunt. But how, years before official flight was recorded, could a Man ''maintain'' the mechanical ability to stay aloft for so long. And why would He ''dress'' as a Beast Perhaps a stunt or perhaps an unknown Cryptoid sighting.