The Coleman Frog

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By Crusader1307

Another ''debated'' Animal ''Forgery Hoax'' The ''Coleman Frog'' is a tale that began in the 1880s. The amphibian was claimed to be ''owned'' by Mr. Fred Coleman of New Brunswick, Canada. According to Him, The Frog ''started life'' as a normal sized creature. Everyday Coleman would venture down to a nearby Lake, The Frog would come out of the water and approach Him. Fred began to feed The Frog, ''whey and whiskey'' daily. The. After several years, The Frog ''grew'' to a massive 8-lbs. And had a ''jump'' of 6-feet. The Frog would ''accidentally'' die and Coleman thought it unique to preserve the ''Beast''. Placed on display (under glass) at The Fredericton Museum (New Brunswick) since it ''hopped'' into Museum control in 1932, The ''Coleman Frog'' is seen as a clever hoax, possibly created to help sell a type of cough syrup. The Museum had resisted any attempt to take samples to prove ''The Frog's'' authenticity.