The Christchurch Dragon

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  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 A Legend of Dorset, England (in The Town of Christchurch), The so-called fable of The ''Dragon of Christchurch'' was first ''told'' in the 12th Century AD from various contemporary sources in France. According to the Story, a Group of French Religious were on a Relic Tour of England. Such Tours were well known as a way of garnering donations for The Church. Often ''Relics'' of Saints and Biblical Personages were shown for a Fee. Prayers would be offered, etc. The Group was tired and it just so happened, a hard storm came. Drenched, they sought shelter at the local Priest's Church (which had just been finished in it;s construction). The Priest declined to shelter them, in fear that any donations He needed for His Church was be slighted when The French Group was learned to have a Relic Tour on display in Town.

The poor French Priests wandered through Town but no one would give them aid. At their last, a poor Shepherd invited them to stay in His Barn. The Group accepted and stayed. They soon met The Shepherd's daughter, a young girl with a deformed foot. One of The Priest's used His Relic and Prayed for healing. Miraculously, The Girl was healed of Her malady. As the storm ended and The Priests left, a large and fierce Dragon with ''5-Heads'' came out of The Sea. The Dragon blew fire from it's breath and burned down The Town and in particularly The new Church. While perhaps not a ''true'' story (although many then did so believe) it would serve as a classic Medieval parable to religious teachings that require One who ''professes to be Christ-like'' MUST live their life as He did and wished of His Followers. This linked both the bad ''treatment'' by The Town and The Priest healing of The Girl as a ''gift'' given freely and genuinely.