The Chasse Galerie

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By Crusader1307

The ''Chasse Galerie'' is a relative Legend to the previously discussed ''Wild Hunt'' (in Europe) and ''Ghost Riders in The Sky'' (American West). In this version of the tale - The ''Flying Canoe'' was of French-Canadian origin. As the Legend goes, a wealthy French Colonist to The New World, was an avid Hunter and loved to Hunt in the wilds of a pre-Colonial Canada. So enraptured, The Man often refused to attend Mass of Sundays. When He died, He was so cursed to forever wander on The Hunt. As The Man regularly used a Canoe, His Spirit ''floats'' through The Air never to ''catch'' His elusive prey. It is further said that those who likewise failed to attend Church on Sunday, were like wise cursed to travel for eternity with Him.