The Chain Letter

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

 As some may know, a ''Chain Letter'' was a popular form of Juvenile annoyance fun (and later Adults), by which a Person sends a Letter in the Mail (anonymous or otherwise) – with instructions that if the Receiver doe NOT send 5 copies to another ''victim'', bad luck would befall them. The style was popular in the late 1970s to the mid 1980s. However, One ''scheme'' had a particular spooky attachment. Originating in Japan (of course) a supposed photo of a ''Ghost'' with a rather ominous threat. The Photo shows a Girl in a Hospital Bed, in a ''medical state''. ''Under'' the bed was a extremely scary (floating) Ghost of a Girl. The Girl Ghost seems to ''peer out'' at the Letter reader. As per the instruction is a story. The Bed ridden Girl was the cause of an automobile accident which claimed the life of the supposed Ghost Girl under Her Bed. ''She'' seeks justice because the Bed ridden Girl lied about how the accident happened (blaming the now Ghost Girl solely). The Letter states that IF the Reader does not send (5) copies on to other – The Ghost Girl will appear under their own bed and KILL them! Obviously a ''ill'' practical joke....or perhaps One best purchase 5 stamps for the Mail.................