The Carmel Creature

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 While this ''tale'' will be hotly debated by many, it is nonetheless a classic example of Ancient Legend, merging with Modern ''Urban Legend''. This is the story of what is known by some as The ''Carmel Creature'' and still to others The ''Fresno Alien''. Most know it by it's more common name ''The Nightcrawler''. Relatively new to most Urban Dwellers, The Northern California Native American Tribe known as The Ahwahneechee will tell you that this ''creature'' has been around for Centuries. In fact, they say that this ''Being'' is an actual Space Visitor, which came from another World. It's purpose to ''help'' Man ''heal the rift between Himself and Nature''. ''They'' are known as ''They Who Walk''. The Ahwahneechee have even built Totems of The Beings.

In 2010 (in Poland), a Man took a rather shaky and out of focus film of ''something'' that resembled a creature, described as ''6-foot and without a torso, just legs!'' The Being had no arms and a small, circular Head. It's strode was estimated at 5-feet. The two most ''spectacular'' videos came from The US State of California (although The State of Ohio also claims a sighting). The first, taken in 2011 by a Family Home Security System showed the ''Being''. The Cameras are designed to start filming when it detects movement. In turn, lighting also illuminates the field. The footage shows what appears to be a ''smaller'' Being, somewhat ''undulating'' across The Families backyard. It is somewhat blurry and of course, could be a person wearing a white bedsheet. The second is somewhat more controversial. This was also taken by a Security System (again in 2011) which was more expensive and films with infrared (or night vision). This film shows two more defined ''Nightcrawlers'' that are ambling across the grass.

Of course Hoaxing is the most common rebuff. Either a Human masquerading as a ''Nightcrawler'' or (in the case of the second film) possibly some sort of ''puppet''. Or perhaps is is what English Poet William Shakespeare once wrote ''There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than 'ere you dreamed Horatio''.