The Brown Man of The Muirs

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By Crusader1307

An Anglo-Scottish Fable, The ''Brown Man of The Muirs'' was a Companion Servant to various Spirits of The Forests and Marshes along The Border between the two Countries. The Fable goes back to the 14th Century AD, and deals with The ''Brown Man'' a small Elf-like Being. About 4-feet tall and covered with thick brown fur, The ''Brown Man'' lived underground by day and about His Charges (Forest and Marshes) by night. Any wayward Hunter who poached or violated local Laws against such, were dealt quite harshly. The Brown Man also was not a Fan of Human Children. He will kill them on sight and hide their bodies away never to be found. Some say this is because The Brown Man cannot have His own. It was further said that control over The Brown Man could be accomplished by invoking a certain Spell which would confound Him so much, One could escape His clutches.