The Black Pullet

  • The Occult
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By Crusader1307

A Grimoire from the 18th Century AD – The ''Black Pullet'' was said to have been ''written'' or at least compiled by a former Officer of French Emperor Napoleon's Army. Being Posted in many locations throughout Europe, this Officer became obsessed with The Occult and Alchemy. He (it was said), compiled vast knowledge (often under threat of death) – from known and unknown Sorcerers and Witches. The primary goal of The ''Black Pullet'' was to list the many thousands of Talismans and Amulets used in The ''Dark Arts''. How they were made (constructed) and what their ''effects'' were, were recorded. Various ''origin'' Legends arose regarding The ''Black Pullet'' over the Centuries (many of which are quite lengthy). While no ''true'' copy exists (or has been found), examples from the early 20th Century can be found (and are rare). It is further said, that Mastery of The ''Pullet'' will bestow upon it's Owner immortality.