The Black Angel

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Council Bluff, Nebraska has a Legend regarding a specific bronze Funerary Statue which was placed in Fairview Cemetery. Known locally as ''the Black Angel'', ''She'' got her name from years of normal oxidation which caused the bronze to blacken. An impressive piece of 19th Century ''Art'', ''The Angel'' also has a particular curse associated with it. It is a two fold such premonition. The first, a pregnant woman should never stand below Her outstretched wings. To do so will cause the woman to lose Her unborn child. The second, any Man who stands beneath ''The Angel'' will soon die. The Curse (while never fully given any solid origins) – was said to be related to a former Civil War Officer who finding His Wife not only was unfaithful – but bore a child from Her Lover. This caused Her Husband to kill both His Wife, unborn Lover's Child and Lover. Tried and convicted, He would later be set free on a ''technicality''. His wife was reportedly buried by her Family in Fairview and so honored by the massive bronze statue. While most will readily claim that ''The Black Angel'' is ''Urban Legend'' from the 19th Century, and will cite a lack of any reliable proof of the story, One is still encouraged to ''test'' this Theory.....Stand Below Her Wings......