The Belmez Faces

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The ''Belmez Faces'' or locally known as ''La Casas de las Cara'' – ''House of The Faces'' is a purported Paranormal phenomenon which was said to have begun in 1971, in Andalusia, Spain. The simple adobe and brick home was owned by The Pereira Family, it was claimed that ''images'' of ''human-like faces and bodies'' mysteriously appeared on the concrete and stone floor of the Family kitchen. Ghost-like in appearance, these images would – without cause, suddenly appear and disappear at (what some say) was the ''will of the images''. The phenomenon caused quite a stir Nationally, and many came from not only all around Spain, but Europe (in time) as well – to catch a glimpse of what was immediately deemed Paranormal.

Maria Pereira Gomez claimed to be a Psychic and determined that the images were the result of a theory known as ''Thoughtography''. Commonly understood by Mediums and alike, a Conduit (Psychic) is able to channel the very images of deceased persons onto canvas, paper and other related Mediums. Conversely, Maria ''claimed'' that the images that appeared in Her and Her Family Home were Spirits trying to make their ''presence known''. Naturally, the stir caused Government Authorities to question the validity of The Belmez Faces. Teams of investigators poured through The Home. After hundreds of tests, they determined that Maria (or others), had used some form of paint which faded into the concrete effectively enough to become ''invisible''. Only thru the application of various acids would the images ''gradually and slowly'' appear. However, despite Laboratory experiments, the same results were not as easily produced in The Pereira Home. This led to two distinct ''camps''. Believers and Skeptics.

To ''hammer home'' the idea of no trickery, Maria's Sons pickaxed and hammered the images into dust. The next day, it was said – the images returned. Many have both seen and photographed ''The Faces''. The last such test into their authenticity was in 2014, when more advanced methods where used to replicate The Faces, both in a controlled (Laboratory) environment as well as in the Home itself (Maria died in 2004). The investigators could not reproduce the images, nor could they explain the ''addition'' of Maria's image as well! The ''Belmez Faces'' are either to be accepted or not...............It's your choice!