The Anna Eckland Case

  • Demons and Devils
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 The strange Case of American ''Demonic'' Possession with regards to one Anna Eckland is seen as one of the most documented of such Cases in the early 20th Century. Young Anna was born in Wisconsin in 1882 to Parent of German extraction. A moderately Religious (Catholic) Family, Anna from a very early age exhibited ''unusual'' changes to Her personality. It was not overly worried about, but slowly – over time, even odder things began to occur. Anna would claim to have ''disturbing sexual imagery'' while in Church, and even more ''nightmares'' of ''burning in flames''. At 30 years, Anna began to ''speak'' in languages She had not learned (Ancient) and by this time, The Family reported ''poltergeist-type'' activities happening daily in The Home. The upsetting events grew to such proportions, that Church Officials were contacted to investigate.

Investigations revealed that Anna had a deceased Aunt named Mila, who most of The Family shunned as being a ''Witch'' (although She was more likely an Herbalist who practiced Folk Magic). Mila had a particular dislike for Anna's Father, who stated that He ''felt'' (years earlier), Mila had tried to poison Him. He likewise felt that it was Milia's ''Spirit'' that was responsible for what was happening to His Daughter Anna. The Church determined that after examination, Anna ''needed'' Exorcism. The Ritual was set in 1912 in the Family Home. Almost immediately, Anna began to exhibit bizarre symptoms of the effects of Exorcism. Her skin seemed to ''contort'' as well as Her body positions would assume often impossible positions (often relating to sexual positions). When, as The Roman Ritual declares – The Priest has to command the offending Demon to ''name Himself'', Anna responded in an ''animal-like voice'', that ''She'' was ''Beelzebub, Judas, Jacob and Mina'' (Jacob was Anna's Father's name). When exposed to Holy Water or Oils, Anna reputedly would ''levitate off Her Bed, and scream in unearthly voices''. Similarly, the previously reported poltergeist activities in The Family Home increased in violence and frequency.                                                                             

After several weeks of The Ritual, Anna seemed to be cured. She continued onward with Her Life until 1928, when for no apparent reason, Anna again claimed to be exhibiting signs of Demonic Possession. The Church again conducted an even more intense Exorcism. Similar to the1912 attempt, this was supposedly witnessed. Those who did, were said to have been so ''terrified'' by ''what they saw'' – they refused to discuss it. After nearly one Month of ''battle'', The Church had again removed the proposed Demon. From 1928 until Her death in 1941 – Anna lived a relatively normal life, although She did report some Poltergeist Activity still in The Family Home and an occasional ''nightmare'' on her behalf (but no outward demonic manifestations). Anna's ''story'' would eventually be published in the 1936 Issue of ''Time'' Magazine. Later in 1949 – Anna's Case would become the published Thesis work of a Jesuit Priest, as a ''true example'' of ''Demonic Manifestation''.