The ''Anguished Man''

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Perhaps more of an Internet ''Fable'' than Paranormal Activity, the ''phenomenon'' known as ''The Anguished Man'' is a purported ''haunted'' portrait. The image is that the head and shoulders of a ''Human'' Man, in a state of extreme fright or manifesting s severe mental disorder. The Painting was made by an unknown Artist who it is claimed, committed suicide shortly after finishing His work. The Painting came into Ownership (from unknown reasons) into The Robinson Family (in England). Kept by The Family's Grandmother, the ghastly portrait remained locked in an Attic until Granny died. It then came into possession of Her Grandson Sean. From here, Sean Robinson states that The Painting is known to ''scream'' or at least that is what is commonly experienced IF the Painting is removed from a locked room. ''Shadow Figures'', strange ''Mist'', and other Poltergeist related activity are common. Sean even set a video camera in a room with only The Painting (and a side door visible). Throughout the filming (and into the night), the side door ''opens and closes'' on it's own. Moving The Painting from the room nothing happens. The Portrait must be present. It was later ''added'' to The Legend, that actual blood was mixed into the paint. This could be a clever ploy, as Sean will not allow The Painting to cut or chemically examined. Clever attention seeker Rumors of a ''Movie Based'' on The Painting is said to be in the works. If The ''Anguished Man'' is real, then a more formal Paranormal Investigation needs to be conducted. But Sean is very guarded against such.