The Angel of New York

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By Crusader1307

 Perhaps Photoshop is the culprity, or a testament to One's ''faith'' or ''something else'', the rather unusual photograph was taken by a random Person driving from New York City to New Jersey. It was the 10th Anniversary of The World Trade Center Attacks, and as has become custom – a series of massive spotlights are erected on the spots where the Twin Towers stood. At night time, the spots are illuminated – aimed straight to the Heavens. These light serve as a Memorial to the thousands of lives that were lost that fateful day in 2001. It would not be odd for someone to want a picture of the somber event. That is until the finished product was examined. What is plain to see, is one of The Spot, jutting towards Heaven and passing through a low altitude cloud cover. The beam ''ends'' (which is odd in and of itself) with contact with the cloud (which it shouldn't). Instead of cutting through the water vapor, the image of what can only be described as an ''Angelic Figure'' can ''clearly'' be seen. ''It'' appears to be ''peering downwards'' – towards The City. Examined and deemed ''real'' – The ''Angel'' of New York is still debated as a well meaning fraud. Or perhaps, it is meant to be seen as it was give Hope.