The Alice Auma Case

  • The Paranormal World
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By Crusader1307

Alice Auma was an unknown girl of The Acholi Tribe (Southern Sudan, Africa). But for a period of 1 year (1986-1987), Alice was the Leader of an Ugandan Anti-Government Militia which was somewhat successful in it's activities. The cause of Alice's success? A skilled, Tactician? No, Alice was supposedly possessed by the ''Spirit'' of a former Militia Officer. A Christian by conversion, Alice was formerly married. One day in 1985, without reason, Alice stopped talking and exhibited signs of mental instability. Going into a coma, when Alice awoke from her malady – She was the embodiment of The Spirit ''Lakwena'' (the aforementioned Militia Officer). ''He'' began to ''tell'' Alice how to rally a Militia Group to resist the then Ugandan Government – accused of gross human rights violations thru torture and execution of rivals. Quoting The ''Holy Bible'', Alice (in the form of a modern African ''Joan of Arc''), led many successful attacks against Government Forces. However, in 1987, Her ''Army'' was ambushed by heavy Government Forces Artillery – quite literally decimating them. Alice escaped and hid in a Refuge Camp in Kenya. She claimed later that ''Lakwena'' had ''fled Her body'', and never returned. She would die in 2007. A Case of Spiritual Possession?