Teke Teke

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

A Modern Japanese ''Urban Legend'', The ''Teke Teke'' is a rather malicious and evil Female Spirit. As Her tale goes, She was a Schoolgirl who was truant from School and wandered too close to a Rail Line. In some versions, She was pushed to Her death by an unknown Rival over a Boy's attention. Killed outright, Her body was severed completely (at the waist). Now a ''Vengeful Spirit'', She drags her mangled Corpse through the streets at night (She has no legs, remember ) She also drags with Her either a scythe or sword of some kind (depending on who is telling the tale). Her nightly Mission is to come across hapless victims (Homeless are a favorite), and slices them in half, mimicking Her past disfigurement. The noise made (either by Her exposed Spine dragging along the road, or the weapon She carries) said to sound like ''Teke Teke'' (hence Her new Ghostly name). A method of escaping Her punishment is to say to Her that ''Her Legs can be found on The Meishin Expressway (near The City of Nagoya). It is said She will stop Her attack and go seek out Her missing body parts.